Location of the Elbe island district in Hamburg
Location of our property in the Elbe island district

InterkanalW. – We are a small building community that wants to build a house together in Wilhelmsburg within a new area called »Elbinselquartier«. We are art & culture makers, illustrators, musicians, IT people, cooks, foodcoop founders, engineers, friends of cargo bikes, family people… We speak German and English, Arabic, French, Turkish… and we are looking forward to welcoming more families and people from all over the world.

We want to be a house of diverse participation and transcultural exchange.

On the ground floor of our house we will open a culture and meeting space with an attached café. The culture club is the heart of our project – the so called »new living room« of the Elbinselquartier. With different cultural events, social and neighborhood projects, we want to build bridges between the old and the new Wilhelmsburg. 

In our culture and meeting space, for example, art exhibitions, scenic readings, concerts and cooking evenings will be organized. The different events will be planned and realized by our culture club together with international and local artists, the neighborhood and many more.

It is important for us to represent the diversity of society in all our projects.

We also want to establish a food cooperative – »Food Coop« for the neighborhood to be able to shop organically, locally, in solidarity and affordably.

We are a small cooperative – because we find the solidarity principle of cooperative living fundamentally correct and contemporary. Cooperative means: deciding together, tackling together, paying cooperatives shares. Low rents are available, especially for people with low income, because we are being funded by the city of Hamburg.

There is still a lot to do before we can move in end of 2028 – designing our house together with the architect’s office that has already been selected, planning the financing, further developing our culture club, looking for and finding donors and sponsors, communicating with the most diverse agencies, having our house built, and much more.

In order to be able to implement these tangible plans, we absolutely need more open and funny minds & creative and diverse hands. We are looking forward to art & culture lovers, makers with different expertise, great people of all generations, who support the project and are interested in a diverse and transcultural building community – InterKanalW. in the Elbinselquartier.

If you are interested please contact us: mitmachen@interkanalw.de

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